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27. 02. 2024

New Flavored Pâtés from Hamé

Flavored meat pâtés are commonly known to consumers as chilled products that only last a few days in the fridge.

New Flavored Pâtés from Hamé
New Flavored Pâtés from Hamé
However, we have recently introduced a brand new line of long-lasting flavored pâtés, processed through sterilization, which can be safely stored at room temperature. We offer five interesting flavors: cranberries, smoked meat, green pepper, almonds, and herbs.

"Flavored pâtés are becoming increasingly popular, which is why we have developed a durable option that can be safely taken on several-day trips or brought home for storage. Unlike refrigerated products, these pâtés have a shelf life of 36 months, thanks to sterilization, a method long used by our grandmothers, and do not require refrigeration," explains Alice Feixová, product manager of the Hamé brand.

The new flavored pâtés from Hamé offer a symphony of flavors. You're sure to find your favorite among them. Consider pâté with cranberries, a sweet and sour delicacy for lovers of fruity flavors that pairs well with pastries or toast. Or try pâté with almonds, a delicious combination of tender meat and almonds. If you love stronger flavors, you'll surely delight in the pâté with green pepper. Not one for experimentation? Opt for the classic meaty flavor of smoked meats. Pâté with herbs is a popular option that never disappoints, perfect for those who appreciate traditional and proven recipes.

The recommended shelf price is CZK 41.90 (Czech Koruna). Pâtés are available in most retail chains and e-shops with groceries.