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01. 04. 2022

NATURLI'– great taste without compromise!

The offer for Czech consumers is growing with a completely new segment of plant products from our sister company from Denmark. This is our most important novelty of this year.

NATURLI'– great taste without compromise!
NATURLI'– great taste without compromise!
The interest of Czechs in products of plant origin is constantly growing. Almost 30% of them want to have more plant than animal products in their diet. The main motivation is to make a fundamental change, namely lifestyle (journey to health), diet (enrichment with new tastes) and attitude to sustainability (care for the environment).

Focused not only on vegans
"With a plant-based menu, we want to reach more consumers. At least vegans, flexitarians (they purposefully limit meat consumption) and consumers who want to try something new. NATURLI' offers an excellent solution. It has products that guarantee great taste, aroma and appearance of the resulting dish. Simply a gourmet experience," says Šárka Grecu from the marketing department.

"Retail will offer not only six plant-based variants of popular meat dishes - minced, nuggets, schnitzel, falafel, sausages and balls, but also two pizzas with a plant-based alternative to ham or minced meat and four delicious ice creams. For the food service area, we have prepared three items - minced, sausages and burger."

It's going online...
In mid-February, the first retail products of the NATURLI' brand appeared in the offer of our e-shop and in the online supermarket Rohlik.cz. Wholesalers are gradually starting to include them in their portfolio. Confirmed cooperation is currently with the ICU and more will definitely follow. More about NATURLI ́ www.naturli-foods.cz