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18. 03. 2022

Canned fish with a new face

The portfolio of canned fish has undergone a major redesign and expansion with several novelties.

Canned fish with a new face
Canned fish with a new face
Sales of canned fish in the Czech Republic grew by 6% year-on-year, with tuna being the best-selling species on the modern market (61%). The Hamé brand has decided to take advantage of this trend and strengthen its position in the "fish" market by introducing a more attractive look for the packaging of key items of its portfolio and introducing novelties, especially two tuna flavors in pouches.

"The new modern design makes the benefits of individual products more visible and the packaging colours used make it possible to better distinguish fish variants. The main advantage of tuna in the pocket is the minimal oil content and the light weight of the whole product, which makes it an ideal partner not only for travel," says Michaela Plecitá from the marketing department.

Tuna news:
- Tuna steak in sunflower oil 160 g
- Thai Sweet Chilli tuna in a pocket
- Tuna with a drop of sunflower oil in a pocket