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28. 02. 2019

Salad Championship under the Vitana flag

On Saturday, 1 December, the 12th annual Czech Championship was held in Mratín in preparation of potato salad, Vitana Mayonnaise Cup 2018, with the participation of 18 cooking teams.

Salad Championship under the Vitana flag
The 12th annual Vitana Mayonnaise Cup 2018
In the Central Bohemian town of Mratín, chefs gathered again to compete for the best potato salad in the Czech Republic. The preparation of the traditional Christmas meal and its outcome was judged by a six-member jury, led by the writer Michal Viewegh. The evaluation criteria included the taste, the smell, the originality and the overall impression, and the senior Majolenky team from Mratín and the junior Mariňáci team from the Vocational school in Písnice, Prague won the competition.